The Trump administration’s decision to end cost-sharing reduction payments has led to a chorus of calls for Congress to step in.

Doctors have a third option besides either becoming a hospital employee or staying totally independent: the group practice subsidiary model.

States are gearing up to fight the Trump administration's move to end cost-sharing reduction payments.

Hospitals may face a financial downturn immediately after a merger, according to a new HFMA analysis.

Five utilization management techniques health insurers use to control costs can block access to essential care for some patients, one group says.

Rather than rework and refile its recently dismissed False Claims Act lawsuit against UnitedHealth, the Department of Justice has opted to abandon the case.

A group of researchers wants to shift the focus of telemedicine policy discussions from geography to appointment timeliness.

A new data initiative led by the American Medical Association wants help from informaticists and physicians to reorganize vital health data.

President Trump says his new executive order will result in “lower costs and more options in the healthcare market,” but actuaries aren't so sure.