A new study suggests penalties for excessive readmission of heart attack patients are unfair to hospitals serving the socioeconomically disadvantaged.

Republicans failed to bring their revised AHCA bill to the House floor, as GOP House leaders determined Thursday night they didn't have the votes.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital will offer buyouts to 1,600 employees, a move that could also impact other major hospitals in the Boston area.

Everyone in healthcare knows about the federal privacy law governing patient health data. Far fewer understand the thousands of state privacy laws.

From Stateline: A program designed to address the shortage of doctors in rural and poor urban areas could be in peril unless Congress acts.

Leading groups that represent doctors, nurses and hospitals say a revised GOP bill to replace the Affordable Care Act is “even worse” than the original.

Children’s hospitals across the country are forming a coalition to reduce deaths due to sepsis and push for greater awareness of the early warning signs.

It’s no secret that healthcare providers are integrating predictive analytics into their clinical workflow. Using analytics effectively is another story…

A new report indicates that millennial workers interact with their health benefits differently than those from other generations.