As artificial intelligence becomes more powerful, the new technology will have to find ways to fit into an industry that has long relied on human judgment.

Words can help bond a doctor-patient relationship or create a major obstacle. So doctors need to carefully consider what they say to patients.

It’s good to be an orthopedic surgeon. The profession leads the list of the highest paid healthcare jobs in 2017.

If older patients have trouble understanding what a doctor is telling them, physicians should ask whether the person can hear them.

Doctors are pinning their hopes for MACRA relief on new HHS Secretary Tom Price and a proposed Medicare rule in the works.

Amid uncertainty about the future of healthcare reform, hospitals and health systems must be aware of and prepare for the potential challenges posed by the…

Most of the security breaches that make headlines occur in big healthcare systems, but that doesn’t mean physician practices aren’t vulnerable to the attack.

Physicians and other providers greatly underestimate the willingness of patients to disclose their sexual orientation, a new study has found.

Rising drug prices remain a top concern for health system leaders, according to a new survey.