A virtual EHR is helping medical residents at the Indiana University School of Medicine navigate the complexities of geriatric healthcare.

As they take over where the House’s American Health Care Act left off, Republicans in the Senate must not crowd out solutions for the fundamental problem we…

In a national survey, 89% of Americans said it’s important to have a relationship with a physician who knows their health background and history.

A neurosurgeon who raised concerns about concurrent surgeries at a hospital in New York state has won a lawsuit.

Bipartisan pushback on deep cuts to federal drug control programs resulted in a budget proposal that makes only modest reductions.

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Both physicians and staff must adapt to rapid changes in medicine, making it a challenge to keep both camps happy.

It goes against the grain, but a new study suggests that parenthood may help protect medical residents against burnout.

Some foreign-born doctors who want to work in the U.S. are in limbo because of changes that the Trump administration has made to the visa program.