Health insurers say regulations limit telemedicine reimbursement in Medicare Advantage, and they want the CBO's help.

Strong leadership, flexible funding, and relevant data and analytics will be necessary to imp;rove public health in the U.S., according to a new HHS report.

Healthcare-associated infections are a well-known danger in the industry, but a new study suggests such illnesses may be a bigger burden than diseases such as…

A payer-provider collaboration aims to harness the impact of quality improvement and bundled payments to drive down the cost of cancer care.

While IBM has invested heavily in Watson, and the technology is paying off in healthcare innovations, it's been a rather expensive proposition.

California faces a critical shortage of Latino physicians, leaving the growing Latino community underserved, according to the Latino Physicians of California.

The U.S. is lagging in population health, and it could cause a policy backlash disastrous to hospitals.

Gun violence is taking a toll on urban hospitals’ already overburdened emergency and trauma care resources, leaving clinicians to struggle to save the lives of…

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