​​​​​​​Public health officials warn that an influenza pandemic could be on the horizon and providers may not be ready to handle a wide-scale disease outbreak.

One of the biggest drivers in hospital spending is the rising number of “superusers,” patients who visit the emergency room several times a year.

Health plans are taking a broad approach to health data, using digital records to drive value-based contracts and improve population health.

Amid uncertainty about the future of healthcare reform, hospitals and health systems must be aware of and prepare for the potential challenges posed by the…

As more healthcare providers are launching telehealth programs, hospital executives and vendors have a few words of wisdom—namely, exercise patience.

Physicians and other providers greatly underestimate the willingness of patients to disclose their sexual orientation, a new study has found.

Global health spending is projected to increase significantly over the next 20 years, but spending rates will likely vary widely between countries, even those…

The former director of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has been nominated to serve in HHS role.

With more patient data flowing into EHR systems, IT surveillance tools can be used to inform public health agencies about community-specific illnesses.

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