Many hospitals could close as a result of ACA repeal, which would take away government funds and increase the number of uninsured Americans.

While telehealth platforms have traditionally revolved around a health system, specialists can now launch their own, offering care to an array of patients.

App makers are tackling everything from patient care and management to back-end operations and streamlined business processes.

Care providers facing uncertain times will need diverse board-level input and timely feedback from their core employee sector, nursing, and its insider’s…

A new series from The Lown Institute and The Lancet pushes for providers to focus on “right care” to better reach patients and improve overall quality of care.

Speechless. Surprised. Dismayed. Those were just some of the reactions from the medical community after Trump tapped well-known vaccine skeptic RFK Jr.

From Kaiser Health News: Two studies quantify gains made as a result of the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion and fuel concerns about how GOP plans to…

There is now a deeper, darker reason patients might withhold information: the apparent imminent change of our society and laws postelection.

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