Where a person receives treatment for a medical condition can make a big difference. So where would a doctor choose to be treated for, say, breast cancer or…

The Trump administration has ended contracts with two companies that helped coordinate sign-ups for ACA exchange plans in 18 cities.

With an aging workforce, the country may soon be facing a shortage of obstetrician/gynecologists, according to a new report released today.

Plenty of patients can access their medical records online, but bad user experience often means they won't. 

Recently, I had an amazing coaching experience with an incredible nurse leader known as the “Hammer.”

None of the doctors in a recent study bothered to clean their stethoscopes between patients.

A family has filed a lawsuit against a California medical center for first agreeing to and then refusing to help their terminally ill mother die.

There are four primary reasons patients like having access to the notes doctors and other clinicians write after a visit, according to a new study.

Patient Engagement