These tools may better inform patients about their condition and treatment options, but few patients may take advantage of them, experts say.

Physicians using technology to supplement in-person care may not be seeing the benefits they expect.

The woman in the nursing home was clear, said Karl Steinberg, M.D. She didn’t want aggressive measures to prolong her life.

The real crisis in healthcare is getting insurers to pay to treat chronic illnesses, according to a healthcare advocacy group.

Physician practices can accommodate more patients, easing concerns the ACA would result in a shortage of doctors.

There are three lessons doctors and others in healthcare can learn from organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, says Robert Pearl, M.D.

In Charlottesville, Virginia, a doctor talks about how he reconciles his personal feelings with his professional responsibilities.

As the new CIO of Stanford Health Care, Eric Yablonka intends to focus on predictive analytics and tap into innovative partnerships.

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