Just like different shoes serve different purposes, hospitals should use different social media channels to reach different audiences.

In today’s modern technology-laden environment, health information management professionals often must confront a dizzying array of jargon.

With high costs placing an ever-increasing burden on consumers, it may be ordinary people who start a healthcare revolution.

The continued polarization of political platforms will do nothing to solve the debate over healthcare.

In my firm's work with healthcare clients, we're noticing more and more that the fast-changing times are very challenging for them.

Everyone wants healthcare costs to go down, but they also support innovation. Are these two concepts diametrically opposed, or can they be aligned?

Our nation can't afford to wait to address malnutrition, especially when tools exist that can help seniors feel better and reduce healthcare costs.

As they take over where the House’s American Health Care Act left off, Republicans in the Senate must not crowd out solutions for the fundamental problem we…