The sickest adult patients pay the most for healthcare, but do not get some of the care they truly need, a new study found.

As telemedicine use increases in the healthcare industry, there’s something that remains unclear: The service’s tax implications.

The Obama administration released a 300 page policy sheet that aims to ease the ACA's financial burden on health insurers.

Myan's decision to introduce a cheaper version of its EpiPen product raises questions about the moral responsibility of drug companies and their pricing…

Most Massachusetts hospitals were profitable last year, although some remain under financial pressure.

The number of counties where ACA marketplaces have only one insurer is set to increase dramatically.

Dozens of government audits dating back to 2007 reveal widespread overbilling within Medicare Advantage plans, particularly for beneficiaries certain chronic…

Despite complaints about the rising costs of drugs, at least one study suggests that prescriptions have actually become more affordable in recent years.

Medication adherence saves money, but non-adherence costs even more than the savings.