Charity and other uncompensated care costs dropped steeply at Ohio hospitals compared to 2013 as statewide coverage rates improved.

Montana's expansion of Medicaid eligibility has quickly cut levels of uncompensated care statewide.

Home healthcare and even visiting nurse agencies can play a role in cutting hospital admissions by stationing their employees in emergency rooms.

The Obama administration is optimistic about enrollment growth on the Affordable Care Act marketplaces in the upcoming open enrollment period.

In the third and final presidential debate, healthcare policy once again found its way into the mix.

Behind every well-run medical practice is a strong practice manager. To evaluate your practice manager’s performance, set specific performance goals that…

Medicaid expansion didn't stop Oregon patients from seeking care at the emergency room, according to a new study.

Tiered provider networks could offer a solution for insurers struggling to design the right products for the Affordable Care Act marketplaces