A district court judge has denied the federal government’s motion to consolidate two whistleblower cases it recently joined against UnitedHealth.

From Stateline: A program designed to address the shortage of doctors in rural and poor urban areas could be in peril unless Congress acts.

Leading groups that represent doctors, nurses and hospitals say a revised GOP bill to replace the Affordable Care Act is “even worse” than the original.

A new report indicates that millennial workers interact with their health benefits differently than those from other generations.

Getting sued is a big fear of doctors, and for those who have faced a malpractice trial it can be an emotional ordeal.

From Kaiser Health News: Before the ACA, states had differing approaches to handling preexisting conditions.

Though the Trump administration has agreed to temporarily fund cost-sharing reduction payments, health insurers aren’t impressed.

Hospitals across the country are making significant strides in achieving physician engagement through the invigoration of the physician adviser role.

​​​​​​​Public health officials warn that an influenza pandemic could be on the horizon and providers may not be ready to handle a wide-scale disease outbreak.