An increased emphasis on high-value care delivery means healthcare needs new strategies to align doctors and system-wide incentives.

House Republicans are concerned the Obama administration is open to settling insurer lawsuits over risk corridor payments, saying the program must remain…

Presence Health's Catholic orientation may spell doom for it receiving $5.5 million in development-related tax subsidies.

Malnutrition related to illnesses is driving up healthcare costs by as much as $15.5 billion a year.

Readmissions at safety-net hospitals have declined, a new study has found.

Two months after the Justice Department filed suit against Anthem’s purchase of Cigna, the insurer has finally responded to the DOJ’s complaint.

Medicare Part D spending on EpiPens increased 1,151 percent over a seven-year period, even as the number beneficiaries using the anaphylaxis treatment…

HSAs can be used for preventive treatments--but not for chronic conditions until deductibles are paid down--because of an IRS “hitch.”