Public health officials are warning hospitals that a drug-resistant fungus is circulating in the United States and has hit several New York and New Jersey…

A British study found that many patients had seen a general practitioner at least three times before they were diagnosed with cancer in the emergency…

Delivering on the patient experience is not solely about attaining a certain score or a percentile rank.

The current private accreditation model is not doing enough to protect patients, but CMS has taken a positive first step toward correcting that problem.

​​​​​​​Public health officials warn that an influenza pandemic could be on the horizon and providers may not be ready to handle a wide-scale disease outbreak.

One of the biggest drivers in hospital spending is the rising number of “superusers,” patients who visit the emergency room several times a year.

Words can help bond a doctor-patient relationship or create a major obstacle. So doctors need to carefully consider what they say to patients.

It’s good to be an orthopedic surgeon. The profession leads the list of the highest paid healthcare jobs in 2017.

If older patients have trouble understanding what a doctor is telling them, physicians should ask whether the person can hear them.

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