Party leaders in Congress are looking to push through a plan to repeal the law with the assumption that it would not be blocked.

It should not come as any big surprise that studies show that physicians make some of the best hospital leaders.

Free and open-source EHR software offers a low-cost, customizable option for providers, but a new study shows that usability is an ongoing concern.

ORLANDO, Fla.—As providers take on greater financial risk, they're putting greater emphasis on care in between visits with the help of technology.

The RISE Summit in Nashville has dedicated a whole track to payer-provider collaboration, examining groundbreaking care models, strategies and trends, as well…

Even with the uncertainty facing the industry, the outlook for U.S. health insurers is “stable with a downside bias."

One University of Michigan researcher argues that regulators are mostly to blame for a lack of interoperability.

Some basic steps taught to doctors during a hospital-wide training program improved patients’ perception of their physicians' communication skills.