The difficulties involved in standardizing the transition from pediatric to adult care may be the best argument for practices to take on the process.

​​​​​​​The threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria continues to grow. A new study finds that superbugs may be spread from staff members’ scrubs.

Thirty-day readmission rates are one of the most heavily-weighted measures used by federal agencies to assess hospitals’ care quality, but new research…

Concerned that the new MACRA rule is too complicated and could result in physicians dropping out of Medicare, the co-chairs of the GOP Doctors Caucus aren’t…

A new study suggests patients can reap significant savings by shopping around for diagnostic services and elective procedures.

Consumers who price shop could lead to significantly lower costs for some procedures.

The Cleveland Clinic is optimistic that HL7's FHIR standard will be successful in fueling increased interoperability next year--and for years to come.

Ransomware and malware attacks rank as the top cybersecurity concerns for hospital IT and security executives responding to a newly released survey.

A new rule in California will require hospitals and other health facilities to protect employees from abuse with violence prevention protocols--and the…

Operational mismanagement and low employee morale are just two findings of an independent review of the North Broward Hospital District.