From Kaiser Health News: A few key dates in McConnell’s BCRA bill seem aimed more at providing cover for lawmakers than coverage for Americans.

The evidence is clear that health insurance helps save lives, new research has confirmed.

Delivering bad news to patients is never easy, but a new simulation training program is helping doctors prepare for those difficult conversations.

The longer patients stay with a doctor, the more likely they won’t jump ship and abandon the long-term relationship for another physician.

Karen Murphy has been named executive vice president of Geisinger’s Steele Institute for Healthcare Innovation.

Mental health experts are beginning to see some value in mobile solutions and digital technology to treat patients with mild depression.

Among doctors in decision-making roles, fewer than 1 in 4 say they are well prepared to meet quality reporting requirements under MACRA.

A coalition of groups representing U.S. hospitals is launching a $1 million advertising campaign against the Senate’s healthcare bill.

The decision by North Mississippi Health Services to form a clinically integrated network came with a dilemma.