New research suggests Medicaid expansion has not significantly reduced emergency department visits in Maryland, though it has changed the mix of payers.

When the majority of hospital patients are referred by other providers, accessing patient data is a formidable task.

Olympus Corp. was ordered to pay Virginia Mason Medical Center $6.6 million in damages Monday for its role in a superbug outbreak that led to the death of a…

A medical journal is apologizing and has pulled an article that referred to surgeons using male pronouns only.

Law enforcement is using prescription drug monitoring to catch prescribers who improperly distributing drugs to patients.

An internal memo sent to Molina staff by interim CEO and CFO Joe White said the job reductions should contribute savings by 2018.

​​​​​​​Medicaid played a role in improving financial health and reducing medical debts for low-income people.

As part of their newly unveiled “Better Deal” agenda, congressional Democrats are pledging to tackle the high cost of prescription drugs.