ORLANDO, Fla.—A Georgia hospital is employing a wireless biosensor paired with analytics software to predict deterioration in medical-surgical patients.

​​​​​​​Researchers at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute are making a case for providers and payers to invest more in applied research.

It’s a long-debated question with no clear consensus: Should doctors have beards?

For doctors who want to stay independent, one option is participating in an accountable care organization, a move that can also help them succeed with MACRA,…

When you hear “put patients first,” you should be thinking outside of the existing care delivery system, where business opportunities abound.

Doctors continue to prescribe drugs and offer medical treatments long after scientific research shows they are ineffective.

Sixteen healthcare associations, including CHIME, have asked HHS Secretary Tom Price to delay Stage 3 Meaningful Use requirements indefinitely.

ORLANDO, Fla.—Two bicoastal health systems are incorporating geospatial analytics into existing patient data to create targeted population health initiatives.