BEYOND THE CHNA: Hospitals and the Community Health Improvement Process

Event | Begins July 30 | Sponsored by: IHI | Published on: June 19

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) can be difficult to complete for a number of reasons - but it presents a tremendous opportunity to accelerate community health improvement. Designed for hospitals and health systems, public health professionals, and community health leaders, IHI's four-part webinar provides a roadmap to build capacity and implement effective changes to improve population health. Enroll today >>

Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers

Event | Sept 9-10 | San Diego

60 million U.S. households will own at least one connected fitness tracker by end of 2019. Join AT&T, Humana & Kaiser at the only event focused exclusively on the consumer-focused perspective of the digital health market. Register Today:

REDUCING READMISSIONS: Improving Transitions in Care

Event | September 28-29 in Boston, MA | Sponsored by: IHI | Published on: June 19

A comprehensive and reliable discharge plan - along with post-discharge support - can reduce readmission rates, improve health outcomes, and ensure quality transitions. Join IHI and improve your team's capacity to: assess the comprehensive needs of patients; leverage health literacy to enhance patient education; develop a customized post-discharge plan; communicate discharge information to patients and community providers; and facilitate appropriate post-hospital follow-up. Learn more >>

Learn How To Turn Healthcare Searchers Into Patients In March 13 Webinar

Event | March 13, 2015 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

These days, consumers are searching online for healthcare solutions and answers to their questions. In this webinar, Andrea Simon, Ph.D., President of Simon Associates Management Consultants, shares how Inbound Marketing is the key to capturing them and converting them into customers. Register now