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There's no place for disruptive behavior in healthcare

Has the healthcare industry gone too far in cracking down on disruptive behavior? Is it okay for doctors to be rude, dismissive and act like jerks if they have superior surgical skills? Those are the questions raised this week in an article that explored whether the patient satisfaction movement has gone too far and perhaps, in some cases, disruptive physicians aren't so bad.

Nurse's firing over Instagram photo spurs social media debate

This week FierceHealthcare covered a story that struck a nerve with readers, raising questions about social media use, HIPAA, the bias shown to doctors versus nurses and firing practices at hospitals. In case you missed it, an emergency room (ER) nurse in New York was fired after posting a photo of an empty trauma room after clinicians saved the life of a man hit by a subway train.

Leading disengaged workers: Have your managers checked out?

I recently attended a gathering with many healthcare professionals and was saddened to hear one of the participants state, "My managers have checked out. They are doing what is minimally required and are biding time until their retirement."

CEO compensation: Time to reign in skyrocketing salaries, incentives

The skyrocketing compensation packages for healthcare CEOs garnered a lot of media attention in the last few weeks. A recent New York Times analysis found that salaries of hospital executives...

VA scandal: Stop the insanity and fix the broken system

It's pathetic that as the nation prepares to take the day off Monday to observe Memorial Day and honor the men and women who died while in military service, our healthcare system has failed our...

RACs, politics, hospital survival dominate AHA annual membership meeting

The challenges that hospital leaders face were never more apparent this week than during conversations and sessions at the American Hospital Association's annual membership meeting. Healthcare...

Stuck in a rut? Change your perspective

Last weekend, I attended the Newburyport Literary Festival. Best-selling novelist Andre Dubus III offered the following advice to a budding author who asked how to overcome writer's block: "Change your point of view"--a technique authors use to filter the events through another character. It seems much easier in fiction than in real life. We hold onto our perspectives like ideals, self-portraits that separate us from others, as if letting go of them would strip us of our identities.

3 reasons healthcare pros should join Twitter

Truth be told, I was fairly late to the social media party. I understood the professional networking benefits of LinkedIn, but despite my friends extolling the virtues of connecting on Facebook, I didn't get the appeal of people sharing the everyday minutiae of their lives.

Is anyone happy about the SGR fix and ICD-10 delay?

It's been quite a couple of weeks for the healthcare industry. In case you missed the news, in lightning speed, Congress approved a temporary fix to the sustainable growth rate, a formula that...