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Fiscal cliff threatens Medicare--again

To fend off the automatic cuts to most domestic federal programs, Obama favors spending cuts in Medicare and Medicaid, as well as new tax revenue by reducing tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.

NCQA names first ACOs

The National Committee for Quality Assurance last week named six organizations as accountable care organizations.

Hospitals encourage charitable tax deductions

The American Hospital Association testified at a Ways and Means hearing on Thursday, urging it to maintain existing federal tax charitable deductions.

Mastering the art of physician alignment: Employment, clinical councils

Hospital Sisters Health System solidified a formal physician employment strategy thanks to a mix of community relations, physician interest, and sights set on being the top in the nation.

More beds linked to more hospitalizations

A new Michigan State University study finds more hospital beds lead to more utilization and likely higher costs, reinforcing support for certificate-of-need programs to regulate new hospital facilities.

Healthy competition among docs helps bottom line

Stimulating healthy competition among physicians can lead to better outcomes and lower costs, according to general surgeon Kenneth H. Cohn.

Where's the mental health discussion? Important issue unheard

Karen Cheung-Larivee Pundits are saying this week's State of the Union is one of President Obama's greatest speeches, particularly because of his emotional call to action in the...

Bed tax brings winners and losers

Amid debates on what to even call measures that require hospitals pay fees in return for matching funds, Georgia yesterday passed a new law that helps avoid a $700 million loss in Medicaid funding,

FTC clears physician-hospital organization

Amid increasing partnerships--and antirust challenges--the cleared Norman Physician Hospital Organization (Norman PHO) in Oklahoma could predict future structures with similar integrated arrangements.

Tweeting in a storm: How Lifespan handled Nemo

When the recent Nemo blizzard hit the East Coast, Lifespan turned the bad weather into a social media success, according to Nancy Cawley Jean, senior media relations officer for the Rhode Island health system.