Ohio University is using virtual reality as a training tool for surgical residents preparing for their first days of trauma care.

If Washington regulators want to make the healthcare system more efficient, they should take a hard look at the red tape wrapped around physicians.

With the American Health Care Act officially off the table, health insurers are once again left to figure out how to thrive under the old rules of the game.…

With too few GOP members signaling their support, Republican leaders opted instead to table the American Health Care Act Friday.

President Donald Trump set up an ultimatum for the House: Vote Friday to pass the AHCA, or keep the Affordable Care Act intact.

Despite strategic redesign, Olympus' new duodenoscopes have also been tied to a deadly infection outbreak at a foreign facility, according to a new report.

After they failed to convince enough Republicans to support the American Health Care Act, House GOP leaders gave up the goal of passing the bill Thursday.

​​​​​​​As debate continues in Congress over the AHCA, the uncertain future of healthcare reform has pushed some hospitals to postpone projects or hiring.